A (brief) history...

At the age of 13 I picked up my first camera, consequently beginning a journey that has challenged me both artistically and intellectually. I have found passion in photography, in sharing a part of myself with the world. My aim is to visually express the world that lies beyond first glances--to capture scenes that inspire curiosity and discovery.  

I graduated with a B.S. in Ecology from the University of Georgia in December 2015. I was led to this program of study because of my profound fascination for the environment and our relationship to it. Guided by my own curiosity and encouraging mentors, I have begun what I can only imagine is a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the natural world.

Photography has been a means of deepening and expanding the relationship I have with myself and the world around me. My greatest hope is that you derive as much inspiration from my photos as I have.